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                                                     began in 2009 and was the first aloe vera drink to be sold in the UK.  Initially starting from being sold in small stalls in shopping centres around in Essex, we began to grow organically and a few years on now available throughout the UK and internationally.


Just Drink Aloe was started as a family business with passion towards health, taste and of course Aloe Vera.  Sold in 6 shopping centres by 2010, popularity began to grow and eventually becoming one of the most successful stalls ever in Lakeside Shopping Centre in Thurrock, Essex.


In 2012 Just Drink Aloe was approached by buyers from various wholesalers and distributors that distributed soft drinks such as Vita Coco, and from there.. the Just Drink Aloe trend began.


We are now available in most major wholesalers throughout the UK, Ireland, Africa and parts of Europe.

We like to keep our core values very close.. Great Taste, Great Quality and Great Value and we endeavor to continue to do so in the future!



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